Pro-DAS: Process Understanding at Your Fingertips!

Wizards guide you seamlessly from selecting the data to compiling your final report. Performing custom analyses becomes as easy as dragging & dropping the desired workflow elements.

But the real strength of Pro-DAS lies in its multitude of tailored algorithms solving the problems you need to solve and making the most of your data with ease.

Latest News

Visit us at the BioTalk Conference in Berlin from 26th to 27th September 2013!

Visit us at the Biotechnica in Hannover from 08th to 10th October 2013! Hall 9, Booth F40

Keynote at the bio-development Global Congress on 18th/19th November 2013 in Boston

Introductory Course: "In a Nutshell: Design of Experiments" at IFPAC in Arlington/VA on 20th January 2014

All You Need

  • Adaptable to all your data sources
  • Analyzing all your relevant data: Process parameters, CQAs, KPIs, online batch data, spectroscopy, HPLC, …
  • Provides a single interface to all your data and all analysis methods
  • Powerful data visualization
  • Uni- and multivariate analyses
  • User-friendly and efficient
  • Highly automated, optimal workflows
  • Powerful proprietary methods
  • Highly customizable
  • Creation of new modules in Matlab®

Get the Answers – not just Tools

We have adopted a task-driven viewpoint and implemented a system which handles and automates many analysis aspects for you, allowing you to focus on your actual questions around the process. Numerous tailored algorithms enable you to address specific process related tasks and speed up your path to the answers.

Efficient & User-friendly

Depending on your objective and data type, wizards guide you through optimized workflows, enabling you to perform even advanced analyses efficiently and with confidence. The graphical approach of Pro-DAS makes it easy to verify the results and to communicate them to your team.

Tailored to Your Processes & Requirements

Unlike most other analysis software, Pro-DAS is not limited to the analysis workflows provided by its vendor. You can easily build your own, customized analysis workflows by dragging & dropping the desired workflow elements from a library of powerful existing elements.

In addition, the library of workflow elements can easily be expanded as they are based on Matlab® – the most powerful chemometric programming platform. Adapting your process analysis system to a new data source or introducing a novel analysis method becomes a matter of days.

Get a Solution

With Pro-DAS you get a complete solution for a broad range of users with different backgrounds. Pro-DAS is adapted to your specific data and analysis needs by our specialists. We build in our expertise – such that you and your colleagues can readily obtain the answers you need every day.

Contact Us

Talk to us to find out how you could benefit from a custom installation for your processes:

Data Analysis Solutions DA-SOL GmbH
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Data Analysis Solutions DA-Sol GmbH
Kellersgartenstr. 19
86919 Utting am Ammersee, Germany
Tel.: +49 8806 9597430
Fax: +49 8806 9597431

Managing Director: Dr. Juergen von Frese

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